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BizTech is the provider of professional engineering support, through consultation services and concepts that are specializing in renewable energy sectors, environmentally oriented technologies, solar products and management. 

BizTech has its head office based in Brunei Darussalam and a regional office in Malaysia. BizTech is run by a team of experienced professionals and affiliations to business partners. We offer clients with innovative green solutions on the entire life cycle concepts of project development, from project feasibility study and planning processes through to the ultimate project handling, construction, financing, execution and maintenance. 

We provide project management assistance and work closely to meet client requirement along with complying all Government laws and regulations for renewable energy projects.

From analysis to strategy to execution, our professionals see you through projects from start to finish.

  1. Project Feasibility Study
  2. Planning and Liaisoning
  3. Project execution support

Energy from Waste :- Biogas or landfill gas-to-energy projects

  • Design and construction of landfill gas collection system or Bio digester
  • Design, plan and implement of biogas for as a source of energy for power generation and other utilization processes.

BizTech can provide a turnkey approach to landfill gas or Bio Gas needs. We are experienced in gas collection system design, pump and flare station, construction, operation and maintenance, and gas-to-energy development. We will visit the sites and talk with the operations managers and provide constructability reviews and high-quality construction of the project Upon completion, BizTech can provide operation and maintenance services for the gas system to comply with environmental regulations and ensure that the gas system operates well into the future.

Green Technology Solar Plant

  • From feasibility analysis we provides complete concept to commissioning solutions for Solar Power Plants.
  • Assess your requirements and offer custom solutions suited to your needs.

BizTech will handle your solar project the way it is meant to be handled; feasibility analysis and design the Solar Power Plants/Roof top systems or Solar field according to the requirement of clients with the utmost precision and care. BizTech provide EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Commissioning) for both off grid and grid interactive solar power plants. We also provide O&M (Operations and Maintenance) solutions for solar power plant.



Pre- Engineering . The beginning of an idea.

Exploring and portraying options and alternatives; finding the best suited method for the specific project, these are the tasks of process development within the framework of pre-engineering. This concept phase is an important foundation for the success of the project.

The documentation on pre-engineering is the basis for the production of the business plan and is also needed to clarify financing. For this, we are available to all our customers with all our experience as consultants in the project and export financing.


Basic- Engineering . Laying the foundation of the idea.

While a preliminary plan is created during the concept phase, a conclusive master planning with closed documentation emerges in the basic engineering phase. Interactions of various system components, detailed method descriptions, technical calculations and basic dimensioning of the processes will be created and optimized during the process development. The basic engineering phase should provide a starting point for technical implementation and the final investment and to provide the client a wide overview on project control and implementation and refine the scope definition into a workable draft.


Detail- Engineering . Realizing the idea.

The foundations defined in basic engineering are further refined in detail engineering phase. In close cooperation with our customers, we draw up the design of the overall system and the necessary subsidiary systems. Our customer-orientated way of working guarantees that your requirements are put into practice. The close cooperation with all the partners involved in the project optimizes the later implementation and the project term.


Independent- Engineering . Services.

Our consulting activities provide specialized services in technical due diligence for evaluating the safety, reliability, and efficiency of processes and equipment. This includes an assessment of the current condition of components and systems, and their remaining operating life. We provide technical due diligence for clients evaluating the potential  of  plants and facilities, investments in new or existing plants, upgrading and modernizing old processes, increasing the capacity of existing facilities, or plant life extension.

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